About Us

Anna Hoyt - Owner

Anna is our in house Tarot reader. She has been reading Tarot cards for 17 years and has been following a Pagan path for that entire time. She has lived in Smith County since 2012 with her children. She has been selling her hand made items for several years and has read Tarot at multiple other metaphysical stores in the Middle Tennessee area. But, she has always wanted to be able to open her own store. She enjoys crafting and video games with her family, collecting cute plushies, caring for her various pets, reading, music, and anime. Opening this store has been her dream for a while, so she is very happy to be able to fulfill that dream.

Shelby Malmstrom - Owner

Shelby refers to herself as an Ecclectic Witch. She started her journey to spiritual discovery a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since. She has a desire to learn and grow and to share what she learns with the local community. She decided she wanted to open a metaphysical store in the Carthage, TN area because she noticed a lack of places to go for less conventional spiritual supplies in the area. She has lived in Smith County since 2017 with her husband and children. She enjoys hiking and being outside, cooking and baking, art, music, and spending time with her family. She is extremely excited to be opening a store and to become an active member of the local community!